About Us

Tourama is incorporated under the Companies Act No 7 of 2007 as a Limited Liability Company. The company was registered on 17 January 2004, and started operations on 23 January 2004, on Level 3 of the Autodrome Building.


Tourama (Pvt) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Autodrome PLC, which was founded in 1953, a Public Listed company on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Tourama originally functioned as its travel subsidiary, only arranging the foreign travel of Autodrome, its dealers and some of its key clients.


After getting the Civil Aviation Authority License, in October 2004, Tourama obtained its Sri Lanka Tourist Board (from 1 October 2007 known as "Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority", SLTDA) license, as an inbound and outbound travel and tour agency. We have been a fully IATA Accredited Agent since January 2007 after upgrading its license to an A-grade license. We were granted membership of the Travel Agent's Association of Sri Lanka on 20 September 2006, and of the IATA Agents of Sri Lanka Association on 25 May 2007, both under the aegis of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.


Tourama has access to special rates at major hotel chains and at all categories of hotels around the world, as well as with most major hotels and hotel chains in Sri Lanka. Our customers can also make reservations with other hotels across the island.


The Company also organises inbound tours all around the island, with a particular emphasis on niche segments, such as Adventure, Nature, Eco and Sports.


The Agency specialises in multi-stop itineraries involving many international and domestic airlines to worldwide destinations such as the U.S.A, Canada, UK and Continental Europe, Russia, SouthEast Asia, the Far East including China and Japan, Dubai and Australia. In particular, the main propositions, are unique, customised, detailed self-guided tours of Europe including the UK, armed with all the information that one needs to make the holiday an unforgettable one. This like-a-local insider knowledge is also particularly useful for a quick business trip where time is critical. It is also possible to obtain tickets from airlines not currently having an office or General Sales Agent office in Sri Lanka, through our ticketing partners.


Our GDS partner is SABRE with its travel partner website TripCase which gives our valued customers useful weather and destination information, as well as providing real time updates of their itineraries.


Tourama is not a dot-com, online or web-based agency. We maintain this comprehensive and frequently updated website which serves as a reference resource for clients. An extensive links page offers the traveller the chance to research destinations and plan an itinerary to obtain the greatest benefit during a short holiday or business visit. 

If you let us know your interests and your idea of a dream trip, we will not only endeavour to make it a reality, but enhance it and add enjoyment value to it.


Join other travel connoisseurs for the trip of a lifetime, #atyourownpace


Tourama (Pvt) Ltd
3/1, 304 Union Place,
Colombo 2, Sri Lanka.
Tel: (+94 11) 2326181