Ticketing and Reservations

Air Ticketing

Tourama is an IATA Accredited Agent. We issue tickets of many airlines in house through the BSP system, and of other airlines represented in Sri Lanka through their General Sales Agents.


We can also assist you with web bookings for airlines not represented in Sri Lanka for a handling fee.


We welcome ticketing inquiries from other agents.


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Multi-stop Itineraries

We specialise in multi-stop itineraries. If you are looking for long haul flights, unusual destination ideas, we will take the time and trouble to arrange them for you. If you need our help, before or during your journey, simply contact us by IM, email, SMS, fax or telephone!

Whether you are thinking of visiting Bucharest, Budapest, Banda Seri Begawan, Brasilia or Bujumbura, Aden to Zwara, we will find a way to get you there as economically as possible. If you can get a free stopover en-route, we tell you so.



We do not organise accompanied tours at the moment, but recommend GIT and FIT travel. The best-selling India, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur packages organised by airlines are available.


Integral Fares and Rates

Since inception, our policy has been to quote the total airfare or package rate including all taxes, but subject to change. We take care to ensure that you have a minimum layover and enjoy the service of World Class Airlines during your journey. We offer you airport and city tips, and recommendations on sightseeing, restaurants and special interest attractions at your destinations so that you can realise the most comfort and enjoyment during a short stay.

Please note that fares originating from Colombo to a destination are different from fares originating from that Destination to Colombo. These are called "reverse direction" fares.

Avoid Unfair Fares. Travel with Tourama.


Business class service

1) Limo transfer booking, if applicable, subject to airline distance limitations.
2) Specific available seat booking on the flights
3) Email or SMS flight alert 3 hours before the flight if there is a flight delay.
4) eBoarding Pass where available 24 hours before the flight all the way to the destination,
with Lounge Access confirmation.
5) Frequent flyer number automatically entered into the system and stored for automatic
inclusion for future travel.
6) Any other destination advice as required.
7) free online hotel bookings if required.
8) one free ferry or train booking if required.


You can pay using your credit card by downloading, printing out and faxing the form below. There is a 2.75% surcharge for the use of a credit card (except on the hotel payment gateway).

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