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Benefits of Travel


1. Expand your horizons
Learn new things and improve your knowledge

2. Understand other cultures
Only a small percentage of the world's population shares the same culture as you. Experience diversity.
It is fatal to bigotry, embedded stereotypes and grass-is-greener fallacies.

3. Enjoy life outside your home
Take time to enjoy being outside your home country, being a local.


4. Try new cuisine
Human beings love food. Learn about how other people eat, and try some of it.

5. Learn enough of a new language to get by
How cool is it to express yourself in Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch or even Russian ?


6. Get new ideas for your business
Even though other countries have markets much larger than that in Sri Lanka, with different demographics, a business idea or innovation may inspire you.


7. Meet new people and make new friends
You may meet a lifetime friend, whether on a tour bus, or having dinner in a pub.


8. Appreciate the wonders of nature
So much to learn from nature, everywhere you go. Yes, Sri Lanka is very beautiful in its own way, but there are many other natural wonders to sit and explore.
It is even more rewarding to enjoy it by yourself, so visit the less well known ones, off-season.

9. Appreciate what human ingenuity is capable of
Innovation. In many different ways, developed countries teach us how ideas - whether individual, corporate or government, has made peoples' lives better.

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