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Documentation only entitles the holder to; air transportation, accommodation, breakfast where booked (or substituted continental breakfast due to hotel opening hours and facilities) and optional sightseeing as specified in the itinerary. Otherwise, meals at any time, personal expenses, domestic airfares, international airfares and international airport taxes are not included in the tour cost unless specified in the itinerary. Inclusions are valid for the period of travel and are not transferable. Unused inclusions are not transferable or refundable. Documentation does not include a condition of responsibility of Tourama (Pvt) Ltd. to meet the deadlines of rail, other bus or airline connections. The acceptance of the booking and payment in full by the travellers shall constitute the sole contract. Travellers should consult with their travel agent to confirm their itineraries. Surcharges, Hotel rooms and seats on aircraft, coaches and trains are subject to availability at special rates. If all our allotments are full we will endeavour to secure alternatives at the most favourable rates, however in these circumstances there may have to be an adjustment to the brochure prices. Any surcharges imposed by our transport providers due to fuel increases that are beyond our control will be passed on to the traveller. Your approval will be sought before we confirm services that may incur a surcharge. Included in the cost are our fees for research, travel documentation, printing, marketing and distribution of brochures. Costs represent a complete package of arrangements and no itemisation of costs will be rendered.



Tourama (Pvt) Ltd.does not accept liability for loss of luggage or other possessions. It is recommended that travellers have their own insurance (including advance purchase fares, loss of deposits, accidental injury, sickness and delays). Luggage is restricted to one pack or suitcase or day pack for each booking and subject to the conditions of the Carriage of Goods Act 1979. A person may negotiate for additional luggage but bikes, sporting or other equipment cannot be carried without payment for excess luggage.



Accommodation listed in itineraries is the price of a shared twin, triple and single room with private facilities unless otherwise indicated. Tourama (Pvt) Ltd. reserves the right to alter accommodation to the same standard according to availability and in the best interests of travellers and such substitutions shall form part of these conditions of carriage. The rates for children 12 years and under of age will be specified in the booking document, and this will be binding.



Tourama (Pvt) Ltd does not accept liability for delays in transit or failure to connect with travellers' expectations for further connection to or from any third party operator including airlines, rail or other coach lines. Tourama (Pvt) Ltd.does not accept liability for any other operator's activities and accommodation or their reliability or safety standards For packages that utilise rental cars or motorhomes, Tourama (Pvt) Ltd.will apply the Suppliers terms and conditions. All drivers must be above the legal age to drive in the country concerned, and hold a current non-probationary drivers license.



If a problem occurs during your holiday then, in your own best interests you should contact Tourama (Pvt) Ltd. so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter on the spot, there and then.



The photographs reproduced and information provided on the website depict typical scenes experienced, but the subject matter may not necessarily be seen or experienced whilst visiting that destination.



Tourama (Pvt) Ltd. and any third party operator connecting to or providing travel agency services are independent of each other. Tourama (Pvt) Ltd as a European tour operator will only accept bookings from the agent of the traveller on behalf of the traveller on the conditions that Tourama (Pvt) Ltd.will not accept liability for the operations of any agent or third party including personal injury or illness to the traveller, loss of property, loss from delay or inconvenience to the traveller or any person caused by the actions of any third party or agent of the traveller. The warranty to the traveller shall only be the warranty of Tourama (Pvt) Ltd to provide travel services under these conditions of carriage. Where Tourama (Pvt) Ltd.accepts liability for not providing the services contracted under its warranty and elects to replace travel services it shall replace the services but where this cannot be done will refund the purchase price in full to the travel agent of the traveller. Tourama (Pvt) Ltd.shall not be liable for any breach or failure to perform any of its obligations under these terms of carriage where such breach or failure is caused by war, civil commotion, hostilities, strike or lock out, act of God, fire, governmental regulations or directions, mechanical breakdowns or any other cause force majeure beyond the reasonable control of Tourama (Pvt) Ltd. The occurrence of such an event shall not give the traveller a right of cancellation of the contract. Please email us to inform us of any error on this website, or of any clarification required.

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